Songs, video



— Glyn playing the ukulele and singing “I can’t give you anything but love”, while floating on raft in Spain. Watch and listen here.

— Glyn tells family the story (recorded in summer 2015) of how a mango from Air India helped him one evening in Paris, the first time he ever met Sigyn. Listen here.

–Glyn on the ukulele and singing, March 2016, Arethusa House, Portsmouth, with family. Watch and listen here:

vlcsnap-2016-05-04-23h59m58s39Arthur Gillette, and son, Arthur Gillette, recorded May 4th, 2016, in Paris, remembering sailing the Atlantic with Glyn, in the yacht Amity. Watch video here. Also a longer, more detailed version is here.

IMG_4423 Goran and Rita Dahlgren, recorded May 2nd, 2016, in Stockholm, remembering Glyn, his music, his anti-smoking campaign in Vietnam and more. Watch video here. Second video of Rita describing Glyn as a man who fixed problems, here.

— Glyn singing one of his classic songs, from TFSR days, a plea for a wood-burning stove. View here (via YouTube):

I was down at Netley Marsh / Where the working conditions are harsh / Our fingers that night turned white – and then a terrible mauve
We want a woodburning stove / A woodburning stove / Our feet are frozen / So we’re propos’n a stove!
Now the tools workshop out back / Is huge, icy and black / We waited for heat to arrive /But it never arrove
So we want a stove / A woodburning stove / Our feet are frozen / So we’re propos’n a stove!
It’s fifteen degrees below / The tools are ready to go / To a co-operative member of Pemba / The land of the clove
Now we want a stove / A woodburning stove / Our feet are frozen / So we’re propos’n a stove…
Just a woodburning stove!

— Glyn singing (to the tune of “Any old iron”) his lyrics “Any old tools, any old tools, Tools for Self Reliance”. View here.

Any old tools! Any old tools! Tools For Self Reliance / Saws we seize, pliers if you please / We clean ’em and we mend ’em and we send ’em overseas
Once out there, the people share and to poverty they show defiance / Are you with us in the struggle for a fairer world? / A people’s alliance
Tools for Tanzania / What a great idea! / Every village clamours / For a dozen hammers / Chisels, bits and braces / All to far-off places /Share some of your vices –
With US!

February 2016, Glyn (with supporting chorus) and his ukulele, performs a birthday song written for Magnus and Edvard (who had just turned ten). View / listen here 

“Down at Gunwharf Quays”. Glyn on ukulele, Dan with supporting vocals. Listen here.

“Big daddy blues”. Glyn on harmonica, Dan on piano. Listen here.

— Glyn tells the story of the lorry-load of fish tins that arrived at Wee Ting from Iceland. Listen here.